According to WHO, 17 people die every minute from cancer and around 12.7 million people are suffering from it around the world, so the main goal of celebrating this day is to control this deadly disease by reducing the number of cancer patients by educating the public about the symptoms of cancer as early detection increases the chances of successful treatment.

World Cancer Day is organized by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) who has chosen “I Am, and I Will “as a theme for World Cancer Day 2019-2021, The theme seeks to counter the negative attitude and fatalistic belief that nothing can be done about cancer and instead promotes how our actions can be powerful and impactful.

What should we do through this day?

The main role is showing support for those affected by cancer in their fight against this disease. Including affirmation, all have the right to live like a normal person and feel self-respect and receive a normal environment in their society.

Also, one of the most effective steps you can do is to get started by yourself, to reduce your risk of cancer, by making healthy lifestyle choices that include avoiding using tobacco products, getting plenty of physical activity and eating a healthy diet.

Infomine was and still is proud to have a big role in helping multiple Pharma companies with critical Oncology research projects within KSA/Egypt in the fight against cancer; as we believe that everyone in society should have an effective role in fighting and eradicating this disease.

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