Cigalah group was established in 1980 to become one of the largest companies covering a variety of activities including Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Consumer Products (FMCG), Jewellery & Textiles Food Production and Packaging. Since its inception, Cigalah’s overall philosophy was “To Put the Right Products on Shelves…in the Best Possible Light, and with the Best Marketing Support so that Consumers Would buy them”. This basic philosophy remained the same and has been the foundation of the group’s success in the FMCG sector.

By time, Cigalah has recognized the development and potential of other markets in terms of requirements for products and services particularly the Healthcare sector, so Cigalah has made concerted efforts in this area in respect of Pharmaceutical and High-Tech Medical Equipment supply and now established itself as one of the leading pharmaceutical distribution companies in Saudi Arabia Healthcare sector.

  • Cigalah Partners

Cigalah as a major healthcare distribution player is a prominent and respected partner for many pharmaceutical & healthcare multinational corporations including Bayer, Vertex, Tabuk, Amgen, Eva Pharma, Batterje, Nuxe, Gilead and many other leading companies in this sector. Cigalah’s strategy with partners aims at developing and optimizing the product’s specifications qualifications and validation of packaging, thus ensuring the product’s quality and safety to reinforce its goal.

The vision of Cigalah is to continue being a major force in the Healthcare industry and continue improving its quality service to its customer, which comes in line with the continued strengthening of the successful partnership spirit with its reputable partners.

  • The partnership between Cigalah and Infomine

Infomine is one of Cigalah’s agents for more than nine years, this was initiated by infomine’s interest in expanding in KSA to strengthen its services offering to the Saudi market so infomine choose Cigalah as it is one of the largest pharmaceutical distribution companies in the healthcare sector to represent infomine in the Saudi market.

The power for any successful partnership starts from getting the right people together to catalyze sustainable success, the understanding, and trust between the parties that was one of the most important factors that helped Infomine & Cigalah to work together for nine years and achieve many successful projects together.

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