World Kidney Day

Infomine Healthcare Research is proud to have a role in Kidney Disease treatment by researching for multiple companies this therapy area: including dialysis machines for medical equipment companies as well as Nephrologists and Urologists for multiple Pharma companies”.

According to research 850 million people worldwide are now estimated to have kidney diseases and around 1.7 million people are estimated to die annually because of an acute kidney, so World Kidney Day, Which is celebrated the second Thursday of March every year, aims to raise awareness and educating individuals on the importance of our kidneys to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease, as it can be prevented and progression to end-stage kidney disease can be delayed with appropriate access to basic diagnostics and early treatment.

This year “Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere – from Prevention to   Detection” is chosen to be the theme of World Kidney Day 2020 In order for highlighting the importance of preventive interventions to avert the onset and progression of kidney disease and encourage preventive behaviors including:

  • Healthy lifestyles: Choose foods that are healthy for your heart and your entire bodies fresh fruits, fresh or frozen vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat or fat-free dairy products. Eat healthy meals and cut back on salt and added sugars.
  • Physical activity: Regular physical activity improves health, mood, and quality of life. Being more active may help you manage your weight.
  • Healthy diets: If you are overweight or have obesity, work with your health care provider or dietitian to create a realistic weight-loss plan
  • Screening for patients at higher CKD risk with the aid of urine and blood tests.
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