National Cancer Survivors Day is celebrated annually on the first Sunday in June, this day was established to celebrate those who have battled cancer and won and to help bring hope to those still battling this terrible disease.

Cancer survivors are estimated more than 32 million around the world, and as it is known to many people the difficulty and seriousness of this disease and what the cancer patient is exposed to during the treatment trip, so it is becoming more important to celebrate this day by raising awareness of cancer by supporting survivors and improving their quality of life and help them get back into life again by showing them that life after fighting cancer can be fruitful, rewarding, and even inspiring, as they are in great need of support from family, friends, and society

This day also aims to draw attention to those who are still fighting this disease and those who are just facing a diagnosis, to help them recognize that while it isn’t an easy road, but the survivor is now living his or her life to the fullest, and encourage them to fight strongly against this disease.

This day is not just for cancer survivors or patients, it is a day for everyone, whether you’re a cancer survivor, a family member, friend, or medical professional, this day provides an opportunity for all people to spread the message that life after cancer is something worth celebrating, and a better quality of life for cancer survivors is worth fighting for.

Infomine is very proud of all the heroes who defeated this disease and encourage the other heroes in their fight against cancer and support them through its role in helping multiple Pharma companies with critical Oncology research projects within KSA/Egypt in the fight against cancer; as we believe that everyone in society should have an effective role in fighting and eradicating this disease.

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  1. Nice post, thanks, and best of luck with your important mission. Yes, I live with cancer, but for this special occasion, I took a moment to celebrate life beyond cancer. This occasion to me means joy and gratitude. Joy to be alive and sharing the precious moments with friends and their families traveling this journey. And gratitude to my caregivers as well, for their love and patience sustains me during times good and bad.

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