The first time was in 2018 where Infomine was selected & rewarded for conducting one of the largest studies throughout the Middle East, this study was focused on describing the asthma burden in Egypt, Turkey, and a Gulf cluster (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates) as part of the SNAPSHOT program as, asthma affects millions worldwide and known to have a profound impact on the quality of life. However, data on asthma burden from the Middle East is limited.

Infomine was entrusted by one of the top three multinational pharmaceuticals companies to currently conduct an observational, cross-sectional study targeting 30,000 respondents within selected countries, investigating the prevalence and burden of four chronic diseases, and Infomine proudly succeeded in carrying out this study as required. At the same year Infomine was chosen for the second time for delivering one of  the largest ever conducted healthcare project through the Middle East, the goal of this study was to assess the quality of life and to estimate the prevalence and burden of multiple diseases in the adult general population of five Middle Eastern countries, Infomine with partners successfully achieved this study with managing target sample of 37,740 interviews were eligible to participate in the program within the general population in six countries; (Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and UAE). Finally, 33,486 eligible subjects accepted to participate in the program, completed all the screening questionnaires, and thus constituted the screening population.

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