Around 400,000 people worldwide are estimated to have hemophilia, so the World Federation of Hemophilia has chosen 17 April, every year, to be the World Hemophilia day – to support people with hemophilia and raise the public awareness about the disease – as many people around the world with this disease are suffering without even knowing the nature of their condition. This day also aims to raise funds and attract volunteers for the WFH and encourage people to help others with inherited bleeding disorders.

According to the current global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) has chosen “GET+INVOLVED” to be the World Hemophilia day 2020’s theme, the main goal of using this theme is to encourage people staying home and being involved with this day in a way that is safe for them, their families and the community’ through posting articles, posters and other materials about the day on internet to let more people know about this day and encourage them also to be involved.

Infomine Healthcare market Research was and still is proud to have a big role in helping multiple Pharma companies with conducted multiple research projects, throughout the Middle East with Hematologists, as we believe that everyone in society should have an effective role, and based on being a Healthcare Research company we always careful to perform our role towards our society, by helping improve the healthcare sector through our research.

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