Infomine serves the healthcare field through its research that helps pharmaceutical companies improve the quality of their products and improve their service provided to patients.

Infomine has many influential roles in healthcare, but one of the most important is what we have done with Pfizer in Saudi Arabia and Egypt through our Arthritis Patient Support Program. Arthritis is one of the most common diseases in the world, although most people don’t know what it really is or how it affects those who live with it, therefore, through this program, Infomine helps arthritis patients to know about this disease and live their lives best.

Infomine faced many challenges while working on this program, the most important of these challenges is that this disease is not easily diagnosed and doesn’t have a targeting medication i.e. all its medicines are to help maintain the case stable and delay its progression, plus some challenges related to patients like correcting the wrong information about the disease they might know from other sources and convincing young age patients that there is no specific cause for arthritis and how to deal with the disease.

Infomine succeeded through this program in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia to:

  • Educate the patients and advise them on what to do to enhance their lifestyle and suppress the disease symptoms.
  • Follow up with the patients every now and then and provide support and guidance whenever needed.

Help the patients to commit to their medication doses by reminding them via calls or SMS.

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