On 5 May 2019 Amgen, one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies, hosted the” Break Records, Not Bones” campaign to help increase awareness of the serious risk of bone fracture associated with osteoporosis. “. Amgen had a goal of conducting at least 3,000 screenings collectively from multiple locations in 10 countries around the world with their healthcare organizations partners in Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Turkey.

Through this event and at the end of the day, Amgen with partners managed to break the existing world record and successfully achieved an official Guinness World Records title for the most osteoporosis screenings in 24 hours. As more than 7,000 participants around the world were screened as a part of the osteoporosis awareness campaign.

Infomine was a part of this great successful campaign  investing efforts of our PDS team, which spread all over Egypt, to participate in the campaign and achieve the most osteoporosis screenings in 24 hours in Egypt, after the ending of this campaign Infomine had received  a certificate from Guinness World Record as an appreciation of Infomine’s effort through this day. By this campaign, Infomine main goal was to encourage people to pay attention to bone health and osteoporosis.

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