World Head Injury Awareness Day

Every year on 20 March, the world commemorates World Head Injury Awareness Day, this day provides an important opportunity to bring attention to the prevention of traumatic brain injury.

The importance of this day comes from the importance of a head injury and the problems it can cause from loss of memory to severe paralysis and even death. So, the main goal of this day is to spread awareness among people to help them know how they can play an important role in reducing accidents and brain injuries by knowing the correct usage of helmets and seat belts, which can significantly prevent or lessen trauma to the head in accidents.

Studies indicate that every 7 minutes, someone dies of a brain injury So we all must learn how to protect ourselves from the risk of such injuries and reducing the chances of injury to our brain.

Some recommendation to help you know how to prevent yourself and your family from these injuries and always remember that with one second you can avoid having to spend a lifetime living with a disability due to a head injury

• Always wear a seat belt when in a motor vehicle.

• Use an appropriate child safety seat.

• Always wear a helmet when on a bicycle, motorcycle, or scooter.

• Use the rails on stairways.

• Provide the correct safety equipment for workers.        

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