Infomine has recently conducted an important study for the anti-aging products market with one of the largest cosmeceuticals manufacturers in Egypt, Infomine helped this company, to understand the best anti-aging techniques that can be provided in the Egyptian market, and to identify the main decision-makers in the process of purchasing.

Working in the cosmetic market is a big challenge, due to the challenges associated with this field. As the competition in the cosmetic market is very strong, whether it is competition between companies on cost and quality or with other technologies like fillers-fractional laser and others, Plus, it is a rapidly changing fi eld.

Infomine worked on this project in three phases (Dermatologists – Pharmacists – Customer) to collect information and obtain actionable insight to give the client answers for each question that wants to know like:

–  What is the most preferred Anti-Aging technique that could be provided in the Egyptian Market?

–  What is the most preferred Anti-Aging formula for the consumers?

–  If the consumers prefer using a whole brand set for certain indication or only a single product?

–  If the brand name or the name of the manufacturing country affects the consumer perception or preferences.

Infomine faced many difficulties and challenges during working on this project, among these difficulties the most important difficulty was reaching people who use anti-aging products, as many prefer not to disclose their use of these products.

But Infomine has been able to succeed with this program through its team efforts and helped the company to understand the market well.

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