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  • Patient Physicians Support programs (PPSP):
    To increase promotional budget ROI, save field force effort and comply with regulations, Infomine deals with all stakeholders through targeted programs helping mangers grow faster, gain critical data for strategic decisions, through professional and faster results with strong coverage & accessibility.For five successive years, Infomine perfectly delivered more than 12 marketing support projects to top multinational pharmaceutical companies.
  • Disease Screening Program objectives:
    • A vast majority of patients are silent sufferers and the journey to diagnosis and treatment can be shortened to improve quality of life and survival.
    • Helping patients to shorten time to treatment through a Blue Ocean Strategy of direct patient screening, instead of competing for existing market share – increase the pool of new patients directly.
    • Physician relationship improves as the support received for their patient population is appreciated as both a new and critical company service.
  • Stay-On-Therapy (SOT) Program objectives:
    • One of the major problems of patients is having a low number of days in treatment per year for chronic diseases, thus increasing the patient compliance is one of Physicians’ objectives, and nevertheless, Pharmaceutical companies.
    • There are many innovative and traditional tools to increase SOT (Disease Awareness, Call Center, Mails, Loyalty & Patients Card Programs, etc.)
    • Stay-on-therapy will affect patient quality of life and increase Patients’ Physician loyalty consequently increasing sales and market share, enhancing image and reputation of companies in chronic diseases therapy.

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