Infomine provides a high quality market research & business intelligence services to pharmaceutical companies. Our high standards equate to reliable results and quality work products, so you can make better decisions.

Infomine market research services support decision-making at each stage of the product life cycle; from the identification of market opportunities, development of product concepts and product positioning through to sales forecasting, advertising testing and tracking.
The service provided by Infomine contains the full research process from project design and data collection to the analysis and presentation of results.

We have excellent experience in different market research methodologies:

  • Quantitative
    • One-to-one interview ( CATI / CAPI / HAPI)
    • Diaries
    • Online (CAWI)
  • Qualitative
    • Focus groups (full/mini)
    • In-depth interviews
  • Desk research
  • Mystery Shopping

Infomine has already conducted many types of research studies and recorded a high satisfaction level from its clients:

  • Sales Force Effectiveness Measurement
  • Promotional Materials Testing
  • Pre-launch management
  • Pricing and willingness to pay.
  • Concept testing
    • Post-launch management
      • Profiling & targeting
      • Brand positioning
      • Brand equity
      • Concept testing
    • Portfolio optimization

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